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Technical, Media and Events

If you have ever been to one of Lightchild’s events, you would have experienced a delivery of excellence across all services you encountered. Whether in technical, visual, sound, music, vocals or management, Lightchild has a drive for going above and beyond in everything they do.

Lightchild has a team of media project managers, designers and engineers who will come to you, have a full consultation session with you about your media requirements (sound, lights, video and projection) and then present you with a list of solutions that will work with your budget and surpass your expectations.

With over 10 years experience in consulting and working with the best industry service providers, our consultation team has delivered solutions for Churches across the UK, event venues, homes, not to mention numerous events, shows, AGMs, concerts, launches and much more

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The Studio

Our studios are well equipped to produce some of the finest sounds and music you will ever hear. Whatever your requirement is, a backing track, a tutorial for your choir or band rehearsals, an EP, a full album, a voice over or music for your advert or film, our studio has well over 15years of production, working with unique sounds and productions.

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Training and Development

Our music training and development programmes are tailored and designed for each person, client, band or choir Lightchild works with. From finding your voice, to vocal exercises and training, learning how to sing, singing techniques to working together as a band/choir, to performance practices, you can count on Lightchild’s music training and development programmes to be effective, enriching and challenging to bring out that talent/gift that needs to be released in you.
Having worked with numerous choirs, well-known bands, popular and world-class artists, Lightchild combines a host of orthodox and unconventional teaching methods that anyone and everyone can relate with and work with to bring out the best in their music abilities.

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