iTalk & Warehouse Worship

At iTalk, Lightchild picks a topic or an issue that affects us all on a daily basis, probably one that most people are still trying to get a grip on and systematically breaks it down into bite size understandable portions, with mind-blowing creativity but simple illustrations and conversations.

The first edition simply dealt with the process of salvation and what a Christian life looks like, using the preparation of a roast chicken meal, live on stage to demonstrate this.
Everyone still makes references to “the chicken”.

iTalk is fun, interesting and very educating.

Every iTalk session is followed (on the same night) by Warehouse Worship, an evening of pure, intimate, undiluted, God-centered worship that takes everyone who attends to a place where nothing else matters but God. It’s all about an intimate exchange with God with good but carefully selected songs of praise and worship, backed up with well crafted simple but Spirit-filled music and a host of worshippers ready to explore the dimensions of worship that God unleashes at each event.