The Family

The Family

Lightchild Family is made up of a group of individuals (vocalists and musicians) that are completely sold out not just to deliver great and good music, but to create an experience that sets the stage for an exchange between God and mankind, each time they get to do what they know best.The Family is made of worship leaders, artists and professional musicians who are not just all about the music but connecting God with the audience.

They do have their day to day jobs (we’ve got doctors, business/financial analysts, lawyers, media producers etc), but give them a microphone or some musical instrument, and you won’t be able to contain what you’ll experience! Our motto says it better: we create an atmosphere that is suitable for the heavens to kiss the earth and connect each person to God like never before.

Our desire is to stand out of the multitude, let the light that’s Christ, which we carry be seen in us and through us and that the world will know that it’s cool to be completely sold out for Christ! And also, that it’s cool to be a Lightchild,- get it, Child of Light..!
In everything we do, we stand out, we are creative and known to be professional, relevant and effective in our delivery of our music, events, meetings, businesses and programmes.

The Family is

Ruth Olaitan, Cristina Akinnaedju, Tosin Olukanni, Liz ‘Koya, Marbie Davies, Sola Adegbite, Oyin Farinloye, Tinuke Oloko, Bodunrin Adegoke, Yolanda Masamba, Mena Ideh, Kunmi Ogunsola, Mayowa Thomas, Rachael Adebiyi, Tayo Idowu, Priscillia

The Band

Steve Millar, Joshua Adebayo, Jo Adeleye, Robert Norville, Femi Ogunyankin, Tolu Ogunbameru